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Tuesday 25 June 2019 to Monday 5 August 2019
Ole Aakjaer, “le chant des sirènes”

Galerie 55Bellechasse is pleased to announce "le chant des sirènes", a solo show by Ole Aakjær from June 25th to August 5th.


“Since I met him, I have seen so many fascinating faces, painted with maestria by him. The colourful water colors, in extra sized formats, are unforgettable. I recall few of them, may be because of their glamorous attitude. Indeed, they remind me of the women of Milo Manara. But with Ole, women on top of being sexy, wear bar code, postal stamps or kabbalistique drawing on their faces or bodies. Then, the strongest memory I have, is, the memory I had 2 years ago when I first saw Ole’s women. It was prior the opening of an art fair. Few days later, Ole pieces were sold out, while most of the galleries where still looking for a first sale. Ole, in spite of his successes, especially these last 3 years, has remained calm and focus on production of unique serials for his coming shows. He has so many women he would like to use as a door to our “intimate” world. But a door that does not open fully, even for the girls who look at us straight in the eyes! To conclude, Ole has a very strong style, but all his pieces remain unique and bring their own stories. And let’s make it clear, the orange noses have nothing to do with vodka. I hope for you, that you will be the lucky owner of any of them.” Bertrand Scholler (2017)

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