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Pile of bodies (red version)

Medic Milan ARTWORKS

Trypique bills tickets
The diner
Men pig sweet pink
Machine guy
Pile of bodies (get out of ignorance)
Beef carcass X9
Metaphorical comsuption on green
Metaphorical comsuption on cyan
Metaphorical comsuption on purple
I want to be your president for a night
Scanned portaits
Portrait of french singer "SERGE GAINSBOURG"
Pile of bodies
Pink elephant and crazy peoples
Blue serie - flou and mouvements
Alimentary orgy
Burned (Funny glasses trace)
Black sausages
The model without name
Self-portrait on green
Join us !
Pile of bodies (red version)
Pile of bodies (yellow version)

Drawing from other artists

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Chronicles 2020 - 11.1
Serie "Historias de mi" - Bicho palo
Je suis l'escargot
Chronicles 2020 - 11.3
Serie "Historias de mi" - Te digo que tienes que estar bien
Chronicles 2020 - 11.2
Serie "Historias de mi" - Caballito inerte
Banc anti-sdf
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