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They Went That Away

Newsted Jason ARTWORKS

The Gimp
Leyetning 24
The Salesman
4 Horsepower
New Clear Family
I. C. More
Blue Griot
The Locals
Dog Eat Dog Too
46 Skully Stars
Faces O Critters
More Critters
Rockstar Triptych
Circle of Willits
Blue Train
Glitter Ed Bull
Full Moon Boogeymen
Basquee Face
Everybody's Ick
The Projects
Pale Rider
Red Splat Skull
Figures in Grey
Phases of Faces Too
Mr. & Mrs. T
Red Splatter Pour Face
Disposing of You
In this Corner
Leading the Noise
They Went That Away
Two Holes Above Your Nose
Wink aka Proverbs 16:30

Drawing from other artists

Serie "Historias de mi" - Caballito inerte
Serie "Historias de mi" - La vergüenza y el pez
Serie "Creta" - Ruido
Serie "Historias de mi" - Bicho palo
Portrait II
Pile of bodies
Pile of bodies (yellow version)
La machine à machiner
Serie "Creta" - Autoboicot
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