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Monday 10 April 2017 to Saturday 15 April 2017


Rose Lucchesi

She began painting over forty years ago before her impressive acceptance to the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Paris at the age of 16. She also attended Parsons School of Design where her work centered on sculpting. In addition to her work as a painter, she also enjoyed an extensive background in fashion and jewelry design in Paris, New York and Los Angeles. In the USA, her work is shown exclusively at Bobbie Medlin. She now lives and works in France on the Island of Corsica. 

For Faces 3 this year the focus is on artists who dedicate a lot of time to the wonders of  nature: trees, forests, landscape in mountains or on sea sides.

But as always, portrait remains a center topic and Rose is with no doubts a “Faces” specialist. The way she Vladimir SULYAGIN is undoubtedly the most experienced artist in the Faces n ° 2 collective. Born in Russia in 1942, his work has already toured the world. Entering the international art scene in the early 1990s, his work is now presented both at major fairs and at prestigious institutions such as the Paul Getty Museum and the Pushkin Museum.

Diversity is important in a group show like FACES, including cultures and maturities.

Vladimir's work, as you will see, holds up well to time, while being eminently special. Thus, it is striking to note, on the one hand, the influence of masters of the past like Matisse and, on the other hand, the influence or advance over some stars of the current market like Alex Katz. The artist’s creative acuteness surprises today as it could challenge thirty years ago, and this is the hallmark of the "Masters".

His candidacy and selection to the squad of eight was obvious. The artist evokes "Time" as a major element of reflection and source of inspiration for his work. Vladimir SULYAGIN succeeds in offering us the universal and the epic where the figurative could enclose the subject in a certain story. By their incredible sobriety, the faces he creates do not evoke the present any more than the past. In fact, the History of Art has often shown us how difficult it is to simplify. This is how Vladimir, in his collages, manages to captivate us with just a few sheets of paper and ultimately only retains the purest shapes and colors, the most essential to understanding the portraits made. In this he recalls the school of Russian supremacists, in particular Kasimir Severinovich Malevich and Lazar Lissitzky.

The Russian artist then established through his multidisciplinary productions a powerful and unique language where the economy of gesture and overt abstraction support an elegant, surprising and above all timeless aesthetic.

Bertrand Scholler and Clémence Chalopet April 2016finish her work of arts is interesting. The artist spend days in flee markets and auction to buy antic frames and she has been using them to enhance her gallery portraits.

I first saw her work in the apartment of Tara and William, two collectors of 55Bellechasse. In their dining room, there was at the center spot, a beautifully framed portrait. After few encounters with it, I investigated about the artist, who I met few weeks later.

Among the hundreds candidates of Faces n°3, always her portraits have remained captivating to me. While very basic if not simple, they were strong and expressive. She won her “ticket” and soon she should join your walls and you will cherish her works.

As a first step, during Faces n°3 you will have a chance to meet the artist and she will tell you more about her career and her playful portraits. Her life could be the purpose of a best seller, her portraits of a solo show in a “outsider museum”.

Rose might be the Face #1 of Faces n3.

Bertrand Scholler March 2017


Sandrine Enjalbert

Sandrine Enjalbert was born in 1972 in Paris. Entry to the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris in 1993, she studied with Jean-Michel Albérola. In 1997, she obtained a scholarship from the School of Visual Arts in New York for 6 months. She graduated in 1998. She lives and works in Chelles.

Sandrine Enjalbert during her scholarship in New York learnt Street Art, at a time it was far from being fashion. Painters had to do their art very quickly, to avoid being catch then prosecuted by the Police or the owner of the properties, they were using as canvas.

But Sandrine is not the kind of person who wants to create a bad relationship with anybody, especially the police. So, she was doing her street art on found materials from the streets and in a studio.

We have had no chances to meet since, during many years she was working with a renown Parisian gallery. Fate being always part of artists life, her gallery bankrupt and Sandrine  started investigating a new partner. 

During months she has been pushing at our doors, calling, sending emails, until I accepted to see and listen her speaking of her jobs, in her studio, far away in the Paris suburbs. Quickly if not immediately, I told her to candidate for Faces n°3, and there she is! Indeed she makes portraits of her virtual friends, not from the internet, where she avoid to walk, but from the pages of magazines. Sandrine create intimate relations with models she might never meet. She want to give them eternity through Art, while fashion picture are not made to last more than few weeks. Welcome Sandrine; proud to have you in.

Bertrand Scholler March 2017


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