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Thursday 25 November 2021 to Sunday 5 December 2021

Born in Japan, RINA MARUYAMA started her artistic activity at the age of 32 years and she learned a technique of portrait painting. Her first solo exhibition in Fukuoka, Japan, featured a series of soldiers’...

Tuesday 9 November 2021 to Saturday 20 November 2021
Notes de Papier

"Color is the keyboard, the eyes are the harmonies, the soul is the piano with many strings. The artist is the hand that plays, touching one key or another, to cause vibrations in the soul" - Wassily Kandinsky

Wednesday 20 October 2021 to Saturday 6 November 2021
Hard Skin Matters

Come and see the works of Claude Langlois, a new artist to the gallery. Photographer, model and former olympic athlete in cycling, he is multi-talented and  has developped his own and unique technique with fillers and acrylic to create amazing reptilian structures as hard as crocodile skins...

Tuesday 14 September 2021 to Tuesday 5 October 2021
Le temps de la Mémoire

Our new address : 61, rue de Varenne, Paris 7 !

“In my portraits I try to recreate a bridge between past and present cultures, set in modern framework according to the principles of ancient mosaics (…) Some pieces are missing, others are in...

Friday 25 June 2021 to Sunday 15 August 2021
Niloufar Banisadr, Noor

Gallery 55Bellechasse presents Noor, an exhibition featuring Niloufar Banisadr's new photographs


Join us at our new address : 61 rue de Varenne, Paris 7. 


Thursday 5 November 2020 to Friday 15 January 2021
Christiaan Conradie, NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN

„I often compare my working process to that of CPR , the minute I feel I have breathed enough life into a piece, I leave it to live its own“. (CPR = Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation)


Thursday 29 October 2020 to Saturday 26 December 2020
5+5 Shades of Wrath

A feminine approach to this Brave New World.

61 rue de Varenne, Paris 7

Thursday 17 September 2020 to Tuesday 20 October 2020
Gabriel Sobin, "Miracle Mineral"

Galerie 55Bellechasse, 55 rue de Bellechasse

Bureaux et jardin au 49 rue de Bellechasse 

Jardin de la Marie du 7e 

Et autres lieux surprises 

Thursday 25 June 2020 to Saturday 5 September 2020
Kseniya Kudrina, "Virus in Maps, Charts, Statistics and Colors"

New works on paper, sculptures, and installations. 

Online & Galerie 55Bellechasse

Friday 15 May 2020 to Monday 15 June 2020
Anniversary 7 - Part 2

55 Bellechasse presents a group show, exhibiting:

Niloufar Banisadr - Xsenia Kudrina - Jonathan Shimony - Giotto Doichita - Christiaan Conradie - Antoine Seymoun - Olsen Groiseau - Jerome le Tellier - Franyo Aatoth - Diadji Diop - David Ramirez-Gomez - Tomas Kaniowski - Elodie Pierrat

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