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Tuesday 16 May 2017 to Tuesday 23 May 2017


Séverine Metraz

Painter and plastic French artist, Séverine Metraz has her workshop in her home town,  Les Rousses in France. She has exhibited in the United States, in Belgium, in Spain, in Switzerland, in Liban and in France. In love with architecture, Séverine Metraz didn’t stop painting the city and the human  feeming. Feminist, now she likes showing how much the Woman stay beautiful and strong even in difficulties. That’s why she “iconize” the woman in her artworks.                       

Severine is a big romantic, her eyes swallow, with curiosity, the world which surrounds her. Thus, it’s natural she specialized in the paint with glue and images (collages) and the photography of projected images on painted bodies.

Her work is straight to the point, with tense composition and strong energy, and controversial if not provocative by the subjects chosen. She plays with contemporary topics such as “genre”, religions, icons, etc.

Thus, It’s the work which had attracted me from the start, even if she didn’t make it for Faces n2. When she candidates again for Faces 3; I was impatient to meet Severine, an artist who spent most of her time in a chalet in the Jura; but succeed to make a living from her Art.

As she was exhibiting in Paris, we were able to meet and to discuss about her application for Faces 3, but also of her willingness to join the adventure of 55Bellechasse.

Besides this clear motivation, I discovered a committed and extremely hard-working artist. 

With some of her paintings in front of my eyes, it was not difficult to understand why. Severine is a charismatic artist, cultivated, hard-working and generous human being, she looks for new ways ceaselessly and sometimes she finds unexplored ways in a field (collages) where it is less expected. 

In brief, she has gain over the years a public of collectors; all are more and more numerous and I invite you to join that “group” of fans. Then, come to her solo week, and do quick choices because she makes only originals which are still affordable!

Bertrand Scholler March 2017

Carole Duhayer 

Carole Duhayer is a french painter and performer. She lives and works in Paris. She was born in 1978. She travels through Europe and the United States before studying the Design to the school Nissim de Camondo, Paris. She also studies the painting at the School of Beaux Arts de Paris. Several individual exhibitions especially in France.

One morning, while I was going to leave the gallery for a Parisian airport, the artist Milan MEDIC, came to help me and gave me ten paintings of his recent serial to be exhibited in our outpost in Miami, and he also left in the gallery two oils on canvas in an unexpected, abstract, geometrical slightly coloured style, but not of any of his styles. White and black circular arcs, were dancing on a canvas. It was the first works of Carole I saw.

I had a quick look, Milan was not the first one to tell me I should consider Carole for a show.

Not really convinced, I suggested him to tell Carole she should consider being candidate and send us her application for Faces 3. When artist can present their works in a written document, it is always an encouraging sign for me to consider them for 55Bellechasse. We received days after a file, It was instantaneously a mix of curiosity and enthusiasm.

Paintings, drawings, poems, installations and performances, the whole describes with simple words and effective texts.

Come along yourself to discover Carole, who, moreover, since a few weeks benefits from an important media coverage. She is a confusing character who leaves an ambiguous mark on her way and on the papers she draws; the dual effect between her visible nonchalance and her great culture/technic.

Don’t trust appearances, this artist will leave profound and sustainable mark.

Bertrand Scholler March 2017

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