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Art independence magazine - Vladimir SULYAGIN & Pascal VOCHELET


“I don’t know who owns my works, but I was assured they are among very good work”, says Vladimir Sulyagin, a Russian artist, whose works represent a French 55 Belle Chasse gallery. His bright oil canvas with a church and Kremlin hangs among works of French, American, Senegalian, Polish and South African artists. I would have never thought he was Russian, and even failed to recognize a typical Moscow landmark – the Kremlin and the orthodox church.

“In Europe people tell me my works are so Russian, while in Russia they say there is nothing Russian in them”, he laughs. His work “The square” hangs against a big canvas by Pascal Vochelet who hides grey colors behind pink ones, says Sulyagin. “I do the opposite – I hide pink behind grey”, he explains as we stand in from of his painting. It was made a few years before the collapse of the USSR.




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