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Conradie Christiaan ARTWORKS

These walls are where my house used to be
Should my ship come sailing in, I won't wait
I've travelled all along this golden highway
It matters; the moment
White Bread
Of the narrow seas
I've lived a thousand years in the backroom of a spanish poet
Honey, you skipped me over the water
El santo
El Gran Marinero
En tu nombre
The Auctioneer
It was white before you felt the snow
The iron bell rings
Red Vic
If there is one thing I say before I go
Grinnin' on your face
How many go
no title
I've been hit by cherry blossoms and roses too
We travel at night all crooked and quiet
Take the gift of this hour
Even as you watch I'm fleeing
Black sky punched holes in our heads
The wind knows my tale, she was there when I spoke with the angels
Play me something cool, play me something sweet
Across rivers we fled from no one but ourselves
I've seen the oceans rise when they were hungry
We will live forever, or die by suicide
If there's another time, I'll do better
What shall we do with your bones
I'll be old someday and what can they say

Mixed techniques from other artists

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