"A Gallery for Artists and Collectors
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House artists

Conradie Christiaan (South Africa)

Christiaan Conradie experiences and focuses on concrete spheres within the arts. He draws inspiration from the age-old pictorial techniques of Rubens and Rembrandt while borrowing from Cy Twomby’s abstraction and conceptual art. His pieces are interestingly diverse and multiple but they all share a common, unique denominator. There is no other Conradie. Inspired by the loose, fast and dynamic brushstrokes of Rubens, he picks up on the carnal and dionysian exuberance of the bodies, turning...
Secondary market
Conradie Christiaan
Kaniowski Tomasz
Ramirez Gomez David
Sulyagin Vladimir

55Bellechasse is an artist's gallery and we are always open to all of the applications.
You are kindly invited to send us: from 3 to 5 pictures, an updated CV and a personal motivational letter.

Every kind of website connection would not be considered.
Do not hesitate to apply again if you haven't a return after 15 days.


Good luck.

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