"A Gallery for Artists and Collectors
who are Independent of Mind, Brave and Loyal."

Guest artists

Caldas Olga (Portugal)

"Olga Caldas has been working on the staging of the body and on related fictions for ten years. Whether in "Daydreams" where she gives a dream autobiography, or in "And the body loosens" (which can be heard: "And the body this offense" in french), she transcribes her experience from the intimate to the closer to the flesh, that of the other or his own. No pornography, but no repression of the erotic process by which man and woman, separately but implicitly unite a,d measure their presence...
Secondary market
BillyBoy* & Lala
LUCA Bujar
Morales Ernesto
Shatilov Andrey
Sobin Gabriel
Aatoth Franyo
Beigbeder Géraldine
Caldas Olga
Dallanegra Jean Marc
Davis Jon
Doichita Giotto
Duhayer Carole
Enjalbert Sandrine
Evrard Dominique
FHIMA Corinne
Fontana Bruno
Gallizia Arnaud
Hongmin SUN
Hyun Joung Lee
Kalmar Janos
Layral Sébastien
Le Tellier Jerôme
Leriche Jonas
Maquieira Maria
Medic Milan
Metraz Séverine
Most Misha
Pierrat Elodie
Querejeta Roca Carla
Rad Saghar
Raskin Laurie
Rolsing Albina
Sichel Caroline
Weiner Melanie
Yongcheng XU
Zhenzhong Li
Zuojun Zhou

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