"A Gallery for Artists and Collectors
who are Independent of Mind, Brave and Loyal."


Bertrand SCHOLLER and Hans MAUTNER have, between them, more than 60 years of career experiences, as banker, senior executive, and financial and strategic consultant, and have contributed to the development of international companies, as well as meeting and collecting contemporary artists.

Since 2013, they have partnered in 55Bellechasse to participate in the emergence of fifteen international artists, with an approach that endeavors to combine some of the historic and traditional aspects of the art dealer’s profession and a more entrepreneurial and international approach to the issues which have been influencing this business for at least a decade.

In 2015, we sold for the first time a piece of Art from one of our emerging artist above U$ k30

In 2016, 55Bellechasse opened a Gallery in Miami (American subsidiary).Our new record was up to the round figure U$ k50 for a painting.

In 2017, one of our Artist, who “never” sold before joining us, sold with us for more than U$ k500 in a year; and an aggregate of more than U$ k1.200 in 5 years.

In 2018 we are teaming with friends to create “FRAME”.


In 2018, we sold for the first time a piece of Art from one of our emerging artist above U$ k110

55Bellechasse is constantly trying, to improve its processes and its strategy, to best achieve a Dream ! All is done around a simple principle : “in order to share the fruits of our joint efforts, we must also share their associated costs (especially those related to production and marketing (fairs, catalog, etc...).It is as a team that, with our artists, we will not loose any momentum and keep breaking new records and enjoy waking up every day after a good sleep; motivated and proud to move forward.

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61 rue de Varenne
75007 Paris - France
Tel : +33 175573939 | 182070250
55Bellechasse - Outpost
7111 North Miami Avenue
33150 Miami - Florida
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