"A Gallery for Artists and Collectors
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Bertrand SCHOLLER and Hans MAUTNER have, between them, more than 60 years of career experiences, as banker, senior executive, and financial and strategic consultant, and have contributed to the development of international companies, as well as meeting and collecting contemporary artists.

Since 2013, they have partnered in 55Bellechasse to participate in the emergence of fifteen international artists, with an approach that endeavors to combine some of the historic and traditional aspects of the art dealer’s profession and a more entrepreneurial and international approach to the issues which have been influencing this business for at least a decade.

In 2016, 55Bellechasse opened a Gallery in Miami (American subsidiary).

In 2017 we will also open a foundation in the USA (foundation to support young emerging artists from all over the World, invite them to workshop and sometimes buy their prominent pieces and showcase them in exhibition within a network of partner galleries and/or institutions). 55Bellechasse has been running Club 55bellechasse for 2 years, with members in France and America; members meet during monthly diners and brunches in Paris and every 3 months in NYC or Miami. Diners are organized to enable members meet an artists and discuss a topic related with the current exhibition and the worldwide “temperature”.


PALM BEACH Modern + Contemporary
Thursday 11 January 2018
Monday 15 January 2018

Thursday 15 February 2018
Monday 19 February 2018
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