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Bertrand SCHOLLER and Hans MAUTNER have, combined, more than 60 years of career experience, as a banker, senior executive, and financial and strategic consultant, and have contributed to the development of international companies, as well as meeting and collecting contemporary artists.

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Starting in 2018, we launched the first edition of FRAMExperience, a fair where a select group of galleries and innovative, digital start-ups gathered together devoting themselves to art. The first edition of FRAMExperience took place in no less than the 7tharrondissement in Paris, France. After its undoubtable success, FRAMExperience continued and still continues to raise awareness on matters as the changes in the art market. Furthermore, FRAME has expanded to further fairs in Miami, Basel, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, etc. 

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Tuesday 14 September 2021 to Tuesday 5 October 2021
Le temps de la Mémoire

Our new address : 61, rue de Varenne, Paris 7 !

“In my portraits I try to recreate a bridge between past and present cultures, set in modern framework according to the principles of ancient mosaics (…) Some pieces are missing, others are in...


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21 Oct

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Conradie Christiaan
Diop Diadji
Kaniowski Tomasz
Ramirez Gomez David
Sulyagin Vladimir
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Davis Jon
Sichel Caroline
Rad Saghar
Hongmin SUN
Zhenzhong Li
Gallizia Arnaud
Metraz Séverine
Evrard Dominique
Fontana Bruno
Leriche Jonas
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